Kansas Conference Committee A Procedures

The Kansas Conference Committee A (KCCA) is named by the president of the Kansas Conference from among representatives suggested by the active Chapters. As many Chapters shall be represented as is practical.

Requests for assistance from a faculty member at one of the higher educational institutions in Kansas will be handled according to the following procedures. Acting as an advocate for AAUP principles rather than necessarily for any party, the KCCA will:

I. Assign one or more of its members to respond to the request quickly, if possible within 24 hours, and listen to what the faculty member has to say.

II. If possible, put the faculty member in contact with a representative of the local AAUP chapter.

III. Attempt to facilitate a resolution of the conflict consistent with AAUP principles.

IV. Keep a record of all contacts made.

V. In the absence of a resolution of the conflict, write a summary report based on whatever information is available. This summary report will be forwarded, along with supporting documents, to the national director of Committee A if either the KCCA or the complainant deems it appropriate, or if the national director requests it.

VI. A report of activities shall be regularly forwarded to the conference president by KCCA. A version of this report that protects the identities of all involved will be made available to all Kansas Conference members if the complainant(s) do not object.